Who We Are


I wanted to become an engineer either at Lego or in the automotive industry. Unfortunately I realized that as a method engineer I would spend my time on meetings or I would become the specialist of the screw number 29.

Therefore I will be far from my childhood passion. Instead I chose a broader professional path and I bought a Subaru Impreza (turboless), then a Clio RS1 to live my passion for the Automobile. However, these samples only whet my appetite. I needed to find a fix and increase the octane content in my life.

Then I realized that I always carry our DSLR to all car events. The solution could not be simpler, unite these two passions, the Photography and the Automobile. Thus I will have more opportunities to meet car enthusiasts and admire beautiful machines.


Photography is a secret little door in my life. Through the lens I see new faces of the world that surrounds me. It is a time capsule where I cut and store a slice of the reality, reality that may not actually exists.

I have chosen this passion to balance my pragmatic and sometimes too rational office job. Thus photography takes me far from project management and helps me to escape into an artistic dimension.

When it comes to cars I first see their nice shape, their curves which remind me of bronze or marble statues. I want to touch them with the tip of my fingers, feel their surface, the patina, the material. Then I appreciate the proud owners, the drivers or the mechanics. They assimilate to each other and give the impression that they breathe together. There is magic in this fellowship and I want to show the symbiosis between man and machine. I want to be a witness and share their passion.