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Evening repair in the paddock of Le Mans

Cars and more…

Why a blog on a photographers’ website? Why add text to images? They already worth 1000 words, aren’t they? and why do you need more than cars?

It’s simple, we want to explore more than the cars, go beyond the beautiful lines.

Sorry it is loud out there!

No news, no rush, we want to take the time to tell the stories of those beautiful cars. Share the passion of their owners, the devotion of the mechanics, the talent of the drivers or the history of the manufacturer.

Hope he is reading something about cars.
Le Mans Vs the World Cup
Watching the World Cup at Le Mans Classic

Of course, there will be some editorials to express an idea an opinion more or less related to the news. However, the purpose of this blog is to add some context to the photos. You will also find posts dealing with more than cars to go further and share our passions.

No need to pretend to reach the level of blog such as Boitiers Rouge or Ate Up With Motor. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to cover the automotive culture with the same efficiency as Speedhunters, Petrolicious or StanceWorks

Nevertheless, these references and others inspired us for this blog on the automobile and more.

The dog is also welcome
Also these posts will remain online without major changes. Therefore this blog will be the guardian of our passion. However, the galleries will evolve and adapt to fit our tastes and desires of the day.
We all have the same passion

Hope you enjoy the read, feel free to comment and contact us if you want to be mentioned here!

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